Welcome to the ESB MBA offered in collaboration with CIEBS and SPJIMR

The ESB-MBA is one of the best known and eldest MBA’s in Germany. ESB Business School, that belongs to Reutlingen University, started this program more than 30 years ago. Its outreach was always international and our graduates are spread across the globe in leading positions. Please note: There is a change in name - PGCIM is renamed as GMP - Global Management Programme in 2016.



Why is it offered in collaboration with CIEBS and SPJIMR?

That is because being so international, the European Commission asked ESB Business School to found a European Study centre in India. We did so in collaboration with SPJIMR in 2009 and started with a fast track to our ESB-MBA in 2010. It is the CIEBS-PGCIM-MBA.



What is special about the CIEBS-PGCIM-MBA?

First of all the degree you earn is our FIBAA accredited ESB-MBA. It’s only that you don’t start that program from day one in Reutlingen.

The two main differences are:

  1. You begin in Mumbai.
  2. We recognise the completed as equivalent to two of the three terms our ESB-MBA lasts.

That means you start in Mumbai (6 months and extra German in Mumbai) and then join ESB Business School in Reutlingen in January. We enrol you in our ESB-MBA, which saves you one term, and you can graduate in July. So you are done in one year, which really is a fast track.



Why only 12 months?

We designed the program for Indian graduates with at least 2 years work experience that are heading for an international career in Indo-European Business. These students should learn, experience and liaise with companies and get back on their career track as soon as possible.



Keep Cost low

Besides that, living in Germany is not cheap for students from India. You need to calculate with some 700 Euro per month (and prove 670 per month for your Visa). This allows students that graduate in July to reduce cost to roughly 6 x 700 = 4.200 Euros (March to July/August).



Do all students manage to complete within 12 months?
Yes, if they want to. But most students don’t want to officially complete their studies that fast. That is because CIEBS and ESB Business School partner with industry very closely. ESB actually has a club called VIMA


We encourage students to liaise with these and other companies and apply for internships as soon as possible. Students that get internships may submit their Master Thesis a term later. That prolongs their student status with us and makes many issues a lot easier for the students and the companies. The internships are commonly paid and thus cover the cost of staying longer.



Does ESB have a placement?

The idea of placement is very Indian. European Business Schools don’t follow that practice, at least not in the way you may be used to it from India.



So how come CIEBS ESB MBA graduates get these great jobs?

In Germany job prospects are not linked to FT or Forbes rankings as in the Anglo-Saxon world. Employers focus more on specialised national rankings. ESB Business School heads these rankings regularly. But that is no “guarantee for a god job”.


Unlike in India, European companies are not so strongly focused on finding the best possible skill-set to match a profile. They are more focussed on finding the right fit instead. That means somebody who fits the team and company as an individual.


Our success is based on two factors: Your individual initiative and our support.



Our support

We support you with intensive German classes and many other services and trainings that are geared to help you find the right career-fit for yourself. Here is a small overview of what we do. Besides that, CIEBS has a large and growing network of Indo-European companies we lease with. They visit us regularly to discuss projects and their needs for interns and employees.



Your initiative

It starts with not expecting to be spoon-fed or nannied. You need to be organised self-starters to become successful business leaders. You need to be prepared to learn German and to address companies on your own. We offer the tools, but you need to apply them.



Want to know more?

Feel free to get in touch with the current batch or our graduates, some of which may answer you on pagalguy and Youtube. Or visit them on Facebook. Most of the graduates you find are from ESB Business School Reutlingen, the programme's pioneer.




Reutlingen University, ESB Business School belongs to, is a public university founded 1855 in Reutlingen. Reutlingen is just below Stuttgart, right in the heartland of corporate Germany with Bosch, Daimler, SAP, Porsche, Hugo Boss and many other well known companies and market leaders right at our doorstep.


ESB Business School is not affiliated or related to any other business school in Germany. However, ESB Business School does entertain more than 100 exchange, dual and double degree partnerships world-wide. This and the large share of international students (some 40% at any time) earned Reutlingen University the title “Germany’s international University” in 2010. ESB Business School is system accredited and its programs are all program accredited. It is an AACSB member.



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